Tips For Telling If Your Designer Watch Is The Real Thing

Posted on: 10 November 2014

The money you might spend on a true designer watch can be a lot, but think of how you might feel if you spend that much on a fake. Counterfeit watches make up a huge black market, many of them being manufactured and assembled in Asia. If you are considering the purchase of a designer watch, learning more about how to know for sure the one you choose is not a fake is important.

Look Closely At The Second Hands

In some famous designer watch brands, the second hand does not click one second at a time. Fake watches will have a second that seems to momentarily delay between each second hand movement. True designer watches are finer tuned timepieces and will display a second hand that works in a smoother motion, without subtle jerks or delays.

Made Where?

Most counterfeit watches are made in areas of Asia. If you find a watch you are interested in, be sure to look for small stamps or stickers stating: "Made In" Real designer watches will not have this type of stamp on it. Many designer watches are made in Sweden. When searching for designers online, be sure to look at the reviews written by other customers about the watch retailers you are considering.

Every Watch Should have Its Own Serial Number

In a jewelry store, like Cambridge Jewelers and Watch Buyers, that sells true designer watches, you will notice every watch has its own serial number. You can usually find a serial number on the box the watch comes packaged in. In a fake line of watches, a whole set of the same style of watches will usually have the same serial number on all of them. When purchasing watches in person, be sure to check all the boxes for the same serial numbers. If you find they are the same, you are most likely looking at fakes.

Real Designer Watches Do Not Tick Loudly

When looking at a designer watch, listen to see if it is ticking loudly. Most real designer watches do not tick loudly, but a fake watch ticks loud enough to easily hear. When shopping for designer watches, learning as much as you can about the characteristics of the one you want is recommended. Some watches have fine characteristics that set them apart from others. Learning about the specific traits to look for in a designer watch is a good way to avoid getting tricked by watch buyers and dealers selling fakes.


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