2 Fun Gifts To Give To Your Writer Friend For Their Birthday

Posted on: 11 November 2014

Do you have a friend who loves to write and has a birthday approaching? If you're not sure what kind of gift you'd like to give to your friend, the suggestions below are both creative and writer-friendly. If you know that your friend spends a lot of time with a notepad and pen, these gifts will not only come from the heart, but will also be useful.

Make a Unique Homemade Journal

While you writer friend could easily walk into a store and buy a basic journal, there is nothing better than having a homemade one ready to write in. You can turn a basic, blank journal into something that looks outstanding.


  • 1 blank cover journal
  • Letter stencil sheet
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock paper (any color)
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 1.5" paper flowers


  1. Place your letter stencil sheet over a piece of cardstock paper. Trace the letters on the cardstock paper with your pencil to spell out the name of your writer friend or a special message, and then cut them out with scissors, setting the letters off to the side.
  2. Pour your craft paint into a small bowl, dip your paintbrush into the paint, and begin covering the front of the journal. After applying the first layer, go back and add a second layer of paint. Leave the journal to dry for two hours.
  3. Check back on the journal after two hours have passed. If the front of the journal is dry, flip it over and complete the painting process on the back of the journal, leaving it to dry for another two hours.
  4. Grab the cardstock letters that you cut out earlier, apply a dab of craft glue to the back of each letter, and then gently press them on the front of the journal to spell out the name or message you want your friend to see.
  5. Take one of your 1.5" paper flowers, dab a pea-size amount of hot glue to the back of the flower, and press it down on the journal. Continue to glue flowers in different spots on the front of the journal for a decorative appearance. If your friend doesn't care for flowers, use another embellishment. 

In just five easy steps, you could have a colorful, floral journal created for your friend. If you don't want to use paper flowers, you can use other embellishments.

Have a Custom Pen Created

One of the best items to give as a gift with a journal is a pen. Instead of having your friend use any pen, you can have a custom one created. These are a few of the decisions you'll need to make when having a pen customized:

  • What type of material do you want used? Pens are made from all kinds of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. Have a look at the varieties to decide which option you think is most appealing and durable.
  • Do you want to have it engraved? An engraving would personalize the pen even more, and it's something you can have added to certain types of pens, such as wood and metal options.
  • Are there any specific designs you'd like to have added to it? There are all kinds of designs that can get added to a pen, including floral designs that would match with the journal you've created.
  • What color ink do you want it to have? You can choose from the basics, such as black, blue, and red. However, there are dozens of other ink colors to choose from too, including shades of pink and orange.

Once you make all the important decisions, the custom creation process can begin. You'll have a personalized decorative pen to go with the journal for your friend

If your friend is passionate about writing, you can encourage that hobby by giving a homemade journal and custom made pens as a birthday gift. Your friend will be able to carry the journal and pen around, using both when there is time in the day to write.


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