Winterizing Your Outdoor Water Fountains

Posted on: 25 November 2014

Outdoor water fountains can add an interesting, relaxing and beautiful architectural element to your landscape. If you live in a climate in which the winters reach freezing temperatures, you must take the time to winterize your fountain. Here, you will learn how to properly winterize your fountain to keep it in good condition over the winter so you have it to enjoy again next year.

Take Out the Parts

There are a few parts in your water fountain that should be removed to prevent ice from damaging them. Remove the drainpipe, pump, and as many other small components as you can safely remove.

Run a clean cycle of water through the pump to remove any algae that may be inside of it, and store it in a closed bucket filled with water for the winter. This will keep the seals in good condition and prevent dry rot.

Tip: To help you remember how to reassemble the fountain in the spring, take pictures of each step as you remove the parts.

Dry the Water Fountain

You need to get the water fountain as dry as possible before proceeding. If you store the water fountain in freezing temperatures with any water left in it, the freezing water could expand and crack the fountain.

Store the Fountain

If the water fountain cannot be moved inside for the winter, place a few boards on the ground so that you can rest the water fountain on them. Flip the fountain upside-down on the boards. Cover the fountain with old blankets or towels for a layer of protection, and cover it with a tarp or heavy plastic.

Wrap the plastic using twine or rope to keep it in place during strong gusts of wind. Do not use bungee cords because the pressure that they add to the fountain could cause it to break if the temperatures drop too low for an extended period of time.

Keep Up with Care

Do not just wrap up your fountain and forget about it for the winter. Be sure to take the time to inspect it to be sure the ropes or twine are in good condition and that the plastic or tarps have not come loose. The more dedicated you are to caring for your fountain during the winter, the fewer chances there are of damage occurring.

If you have any further questions about how to winterize your outdoor water fountain, you can direct them to the manufacturer of the fountain. They will be able to assist you in protecting your fountain so you have it to enjoy next year.


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