How to Plan the Perfect Breakfast for Your Bridesmaids

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Are you getting married soon? If so, you have probably had a very busy schedule for the past several months and you're not finished yet! One of the most fun things ahead of you is the breakfast that brides traditionally host. If you are planning one such breakfast , here are some ideas that will make the breakfast lovely and memorable.

Are You Having the Breakfast at a Restaurant?

If you are going to host the bridesmaid's breakfast at a restaurant, call around to see which ones have private areas and make your reservation now so you can check that off your list. If you are on a budget, consider selecting the menu yourself or you might end up with an exorbitant bill. Plan to go into the restaurant a bit earlier so that you can give the table your own special touch. A small flower arrangement at each place would add a pretty and unique touch. This is also the perfect time to have a  personal thank you note awaiting your bridesmaids, along with a gift for being a part of one of the most important events in your life.

Are You Having the Breakfast at Your Home?

If you are having the breakfast in your own home you are probably saving money and you can have a more intimate celebration with your friends. Consider serving something that you can prepare the day before. A breakfast casserole with fruit on the side would be a hit. If you don't want to cook, consider serving a European breakfast that would include croissants and other delectable pastries. Chocolate covered strawberries are a lovely and elegant choice. Again, individual arrangements along with a card and your gift to the bridesmaids would be a lovely touch.

What Are You Giving as Your Gift?

Traditionally, the bride gives each of her attendants a gift as an expression of gratitude for all they have done for you. Consider giving them something that they will have forever and that will remind them of you and of your wedding season. Some lovely gifts for you to consider would include little pearl earrings, a silver necklace with a charm on it, a locket, or a delicate bracelet. One of the things that makes these gifts special is that they can wear them with their bridesmaid's dress.

How Will You Present Your Gift?

The presentation is part of the fun! Little gift bags are always appropriate. However, if you present your gift in a lovely jewelry box, that will also become a keepsake for them. Do you know where to buy lovely jewelry boxes?

  • First of all, ask the jeweler if the store has special-occasion jewelry boxes that you can purchase.
  • Many hobby stores carry them. Look in the section that carries beads and other materials for creating original jewelry.
  • Boutiques often have tiny containers that can serve as gift boxes.
  • A stationary store will more than likely have jewelry boxes.

Congratulations on planning a special event for your bridesmaids.


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