3 Great Hawaiian Souvenir Ideas

Posted on: 4 June 2015

When you are planning to take a trip to Hawaii for vacation, one of the best things you'll want to do is purchase some gifts that you can share with your friends and family. If you have never been to Hawaii, you may not know which gifts are the best to focus on. If you want to give people an idea of the things you saw and enjoyed on your trip, there are some great souvenir ideas you'll want to keep in mind. Read this guide, so that you are able to do your best to acquire the ideal Hawaiian gifts. 

#1: Pick Up Some Authentic Clothing From The Island

Authentic clothes give people an idea of the culture and history of Hawaii. One example includes a purchase of an aloha shirt, which is one of the most widely recognizable items you can bring home with you. You can also purchase garments that have been worn throughout the island for years, including the mu'umu'u, or headwear and bathing suits that the Hawaiian people wear.  

#2: Purchase Some Authentic Arts And Crafts

One of the finest examples of Hawaiian souvenirs is arts and crafts. These arts and crafts, when purchased at a local shop on the island, allows you to  give them a taste of the flare and creativity of the natives. This can include anything from bracelets, necklaces and miniature statues, to 8 x 10 photographs, oil paintings and water colors. When you purchase these gifts, you should stick to places like artisan shops or farmer's markets, so that you know you are getting something unique, rather than mass produced and widely manufactured. 

#3: Bring Home Hawaiian Food Items

Taking home something drinkable or edible is one of the best gifts you can provide. Hawaii is home to some of the finest exports, which is why you should hone in on some of those specialties. For instance, Hawaii is known for being home to some of the finest coffee, known as Kona coffee. Bringing home a few bags would be great for the coffee lover in your life. You can even export some of the finest fresh fruit that Hawaii has to offer, as long as you research and follow the laws regarding bringing organic material home. 

Take these tips into consideration, so that you can acquire some of the best Hawaiian souvenirs possible to present to your friends and family. For more information, contact a company like Marue & Gertz Ltd.


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