How Your Own Image Can Be Made Into A Bobblehead

Posted on: 9 July 2015

One of the most popular novelty items in recent years has been the famous bobblehead doll. Once reserved for cartoon characters, celebrities, or sports stars, this little figurine is now able to be customized so that you can have your very own bobblehead version of yourself, your pet, or your loved one. It makes a great gift. memento, or gag gift that will be a terrific conversation piece. So how do companies custom craft these hilarious toys in your likeness?

Hand Made

Some companies that manufacture customized bobbleheads do everything by hand. In order for them to create the toy to look just like you, they need a clear photograph to reference. Once they receive the photograph, they hand sculpt the head and face as closely to the photo as possible. The sculptor works to mimic your face shape, hair style, and other distinguishing features, all by hand. Then, artisans hand paint the custom sculpted head to mimic your skin, hair, and eye color. This can be a painstaking process in order for the artist to get the reproduction right, but the wait is well worth it. 

3D Printed

3D printing has taken the technology world by storm. This method of printing usually involves complex software that can convert any 2D image into a 3D image. The bobblehead company will take your photo and scan it using the printing software. This will convert the picture into a three dimensional image that can be printed using a special resin material. What comes out is a lifelike, 3D rendering of your face! Once the image has been printed, it will be colored and painted. This style of making bobbleheads is often more realistic and lifelike since it relies on software to convert the actual image into your bobblehead.

Ideas for Custom Bobbleheads

There are many different occasions you can purchase a customized bobblehead. Here are just a few ideas for buying them and giving them as gifts, or getting one for yourself:

  • Give a custom bobblehead to a friend celebrating a milestone birthday such as sweet 16 or their 40th.
  • Make a bobblehead of your boss to give as an appreciation or retirement gift.
  • You can also buy couples bobbleheads, and this would be the perfect gift for a new bride and groom!
  • Buy a custom bobblehead of a newborn for new parents.
  • For the pet lover, you can also have a bobblehead made of your beloved dog or cat.



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