Introducing A Child To Music? Three Of The Easiest Musical Instruments To Play

Posted on: 28 March 2016

Music has been proven to improve math skills, memory and concentration. It also calms and soothes people who are particularly anxious or nervous. If you believe that music would have a very positive impact on your child and his or her behavior and academics, then you can buy an instrument and get started early. The following three instruments are some of the easiest to learn and that often appeal to youngsters who enjoy making some noise.


Drums and drum sets appeal to most kids because they are loud and noisy. The vibrations can be felt during play, which may fascinate youngsters and cause them to experiment with different rhythms so that they can feel the changes in vibration. As your child gets older, he or she can begin taking lessons in order to read drum music, which does not require an understanding of music scales or fingering positions to play.


While harmonicas certainly have a musical scale and several notes built into them, your child can just enjoy learning how to blow on the harmonica and create the different tones to start. As he or she begins to grasp that the strength of the air flow through the harmonica can change the pitch of any note, a wider variety of tones can be learned and played. Instruction booklets that frequently come with a harmonica can help kids learn more about musical notes and the scales used on this instrument. It is also a relatively inexpensive instrument to purchase, and one which will prepare your child's lungs for playing a more difficult wind instrument.


A lyre is like a small harp. As far as stringed instruments go, it is fairly easy to play. The strings are fun for very curious little children to pluck, and they can experiment with the sounds produced by plucking each string individually or plucking several strings at once. If you think your child may eventually pick up a violin, viola, cello, bass or harp, then introducing him or her to a lyre when he/she is still small is a good choice. It helps toughen up the skin over the fat pads in the ends of your child's fingers such that his/her fingers will be properly calloused enough to play a more typical stringed instrument later on. (If you cannot find a lyre for sale, or an old lyre fully intact, you can buy the lyre without strings and use harp or violin strings to restring it.)

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