5 Tasty And Unique Asian Snacks You Need To Try

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Asian food is often seafood-based, which is full of hearty flavor and rich nutrient content. If you want some protein-laden snacks that can keep you full between meals, there are many Asian-inspired tasty treats you can buy online. Here are five tasty and unique Asian snacks you need to add to your pantry for work, school, or anytime snacking.

Dried potato noodles

These tiny noodles come in a loose package and are covered with tasty spices like curry. This is a great snack to introduce you to Asian foods that it is not seafood based. This snack is filling and easy to pop in your mouth on-the-go; this is a fun and tasty treat you can buy online in a variety of flavors.

Dried fish

You can buy whole dried mini fish at an Asian market or online and enjoy this savory and salty snack anytime you wish. Full of protein and healthy fats, these snacks are often mixed trail-mix style with other tasty morsels, such as dried garlic or nuts.

Squid jerky

This is a surprisingly common Asian snack food and comes in dried form packaged in individual servings. Stringy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, this is a seafood treat that really fulfills your cravings for fish and other ocean delicacies. There's a lot of protein in this snack as well, making it ideal when you have a few hours to go before your next sit-down meal.

Green tea-infused American snacks

A lot of name-brand American snacks make it to the Asian market, including cookies, candies, and even crackers. Each of these familiar treats is infused with a surprising ingredient, green tea. Known as 'macha' in the Asian culture, green tea is high in antioxidants and gives you a boost of energy. Now you can feel less guilty about noshing on that candy bar or cookie knowing it has a little bit of health to it. You can buy green tea Asian snacks online or at your local Asian market.

Red bean-filled pastries

These lovely little fish cookies made from a thin waffle and filled with a red bean center are a sweet little treat that is unique in flavor. An Asian favorite for a sweet tooth, you can order these quirky cookies online so you can always have them handy for filling those sweet cravings.

If you want to have some unique snacks that are filling, healthy, or just plain tease your taste buds, Asian-inspired treats are fun to try. From healthy dried fish to green tea-inspired sweet treats you recognize, you can try something new every time you order Asian snacks online.


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