Bring A Water Feature To Your Fairy Garden

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you are one of the many that are planning and planting a fairy garden, think about adding water features. A water feature really brings a fairy garden to life and gives it a sort of stylish realism that enhances your display and that will awe those admiring your work. Consider the container that you will be using before choosing your water accents, as the options you have at your disposal is contingent on the size of the garden.

Some options to add water whimsy to your garden are:

Reflecting pools.

A small reflecting pool is a lovely addition to a fairy garden; place small ceramic animals nearby as if they are going for a drink. Start looking for small stainless steel bowls that could be used for your pool's liner; dig a small indent in the soil and bury the bowl so that the lip is level with the soil. Use rocks to camouflage the edges of the bowl and fill with water to complete your pool.

Tiny ponds.

This same approach can be used for making tiny ponds all over your fairy garden. Play with different sizes and depths, using bowls that will hold up to the elements, such as glass, metal, or plastic. Cut lily-pads out of green recycled plastic, from soda bottles or food packaging, to float in your tiny fairy garden pond.

Water fountain.

A tabletop fountain is another way to make your fairy garden distinctive and delightful. The sound will bring a soothing quality to your display that others will notice; position your fountain in a sunny spot when using solar powered accents or place on a porch or patio when you need to plug in your fountain. You can find tabletop water fountains for sale online or through a local business.

Babbling brook.

Bring a fairy garden to life with a babbling brook or waterfall in your display; this will require that you invest in a small aquarium water pump to circulate your water. If you need to plug in your pump, camouflage the cord with rocks and plants.

  • Dig a hole big enough for a container to hold the pump and water.
  • Cover the container and pump with rocks, being careful not to block any input or output valves.
  • Try using the tube to create the ripple-effect, using rocks and other accents to establish the desired water flow.

Fairy gardens are whimsical, easy-to-care-for displays that can brighten any space, porch, or patio. Breath some life into your garden by adding a distinctive water feature. It will become the focal point of your fairy garden and will give it a natural and realistic touch. 


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