Tips For Storing Antique Coins

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you are an antique coin collector, you want to keep your collection in as good a condition as possible. It would be tragic to find that rare classic head half cent only to have it corrode and be worth much less than what you originally paid. Here are some tips for storing your antique coin collection so that it stays in good condition.

1. For Coins You Plan on Selling Soon:

If you have coins that you plan on selling soon and not putting in long term storage, you need to make sure that you keep them in good condition, but you also don't need to break the bank. Go with a Mylar coin sleeve in order to hold these coins. These coin sleeves tend to have one or two holes in which you can put a coin. The back is entirely made out of Mylar and there is a clear plastic film over the front so that you can see which coin is stored in the sleeve. These are a less expensive option but are only good for short term storage. The material that you feel is going to be similar to the material that holds baseball cards or other collector's cards.

2. For Coins You Suspect Are Valuable But Need to Be Transported Easily:

You can use a plastic coin holder for coins that your suspect are highly valuable but need to be taken to someone to assess them or put in the mail. A plastic coin holder is essentially a thin plastic box that you can put your coin in and feel confident that it won't be exposed to too much air or get banged up. The benefit is that these holders are very small and can easily be carried in a box or in your hand for a quick trip to an assessment center.

3. For People Who Need to Take Their Collection With Them:

If you need to travel with your entire coin collection, either invest in a box into which you can put all of your coins, protected in plastic coin holders, or invest in a binder. A coin binder takes the coin sleeves mentioned above and puts them into pockets. This will allow you to take many of your coins with you in a single trip and provides a safe way for people to peruse your collection.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in selling antique coins.


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