Adorable Ideas For Costumes Suited To Infants

Posted on: 5 April 2016

Don't leave your infant out of the fun that dressing up in costume involves. There are many sweet and simple ideas for costumes that you can create on your own. Visit costume retail venues to garner inspiration and pick up pieces to construct costumes with character, charm, and childish whimsy that will bring a smile to all who see your baby.

Some adorable ideas for clever costumes suited to your infant include these:

Food Fancy.

Very young children may be perfect for a costume that doesn't require them to stand-up; embellish a blanket to resemble the outside of a taco. Use some colored felt to resemble toppings that peek out from the edges of the tortilla. Another idea is to make a costume out of the baby sling or backpack; try dressing it up to resemble a red and white box of popcorn and glue a few popped corn kernels to your child's baby beanie.  

Garden garb.

Garner inspiration from nature for a garden-themed costume for your infant. Create a garden gnome look with a colored onesie and a red felt hat. Construct a garden mushroom costume with the same onesie, but with a cute beanie fashioned to look like a mushroom cap; make the cap by gluing foam padding to a beanie, painting the whole hat a bold color, and adding polka-dots for an added touch of whimsy.

Distinguished gentleman.

Perhaps the simplest of ideas is to simply give the child one distinctive feature or accent to transform their appearance. A fun idea is to use a non-toxic china marker to draw a small moustache or accentuated eyebrows. These funny features get a lot of laughs and make for some memorable photos!

Bubbly babies.

Need a nifty costume in a hurry? A super sweet gumball machine costume is easy to throw together and as cute as can be. A black onesie is transformed into the base of a gumball machine when you affix a small sign with something like "Gumballs" or "10 cents." Hot-glue multicolored pom-poms to a baby beanie to finish the look.

Whatever cute costume you choose for your child, be sure to always supervise your infant when they are wearing their ensemble. Be sure that the costume doesn't have any pieces or parts that might pose a choking hazard to young children. Try these ideas to inspire your own unique baby costume that creates memories and moments you will remember for years to come.

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