Honor Your Black Friday Shopping Traditions: Three Ways You And Your Shopping Buddies Can Flaunt Your Annual Passion

Posted on: 11 April 2016

Black Friday is not just about finding those incredible deals on Christmas gifts. In fact, many groups, both men and women, have started time-honored traditions of coming together and celebrating their friendships and close-knit family relationships by formulating group efforts to secure the much-desired gifts of Black Friday. These groups also don something that will help them recognize other "team members" in their groups so that they do not lose each other in the midst of the rushing crowds. If this is something you think you would like to be a part of, here are three ways you and your shopping buddies can flaunt your annual shopping passion (and still keep track of each other).

Screen Print T-Shirts

As a pre-holiday gift, you can have special screen print t-shirts made that identify that all of you in the group are part of "Team Smith, Shopping Black Friday 20-whatever" or some other, more clever saying. Everyone dons the shirt over their regular shirts or underneath their jackets, leaving the color of the shirt and the screen printing visible. Choose a bright or unusual color if you want to be able to spot your shopping members in the crowd. Avoid red and green, since many holiday shoppers will likely be wearing the same colors. White, black and/or glittery lettering and graphics will also help you and your team stand out from the crowd.

Unusual Holiday Hats

Almost everybody that goes out on Black Friday wears a Santa hat or reindeer ears. Skip these fun hats and opt for something more unusual but still in the spirit of the shopping season. Go for something that lights up, plays music or is so wild and absurd that it is still fun but a good identification marker in the crowds. Light-up Christmas tree deely-bobber headbands are one example, while baseball caps with musical holiday pins are another.

Insanely Fun and Themed Holiday Outfits

Finally, one other way you can really flaunt your annual Black Friday tradition and shopping passion is with insanely fun and themed holiday outfits. The more outrageous the outfit, the more fun you may feel like you are having. One group example is everyone heading out in adult footie, one-piece jammies with a drop panel on the derriere. Many stores sell these novelty pajamas for adults at Christmastime, and Black Friday may be the only time of year where you can wear your pajamas into the stores and not have people look at you strangely. You may also combine lots of bizarre thrift store finds to create your unique outfits, addiing green and red feather boas or sequined elf shoes to whatever you and your group choose to use. Visit http://www.absolutescreenprinting.com for more information.   


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