Don't Wait For A Special Occasion To Bring A Floral Arrangement To Your Table

Posted on: 18 April 2016

There's no need to wait until Easter or Mother's Day to bring home some fresh flowers for your table. In fact, there are some simple and clever ideas for floral arrangements that will bring a special spring touch to your table, desk, or even patio, and that will seamlessly see you through any holiday entertaining or springtime parties.

Some spring floral displays that you can create yourself are:

Wonderful watering cans.

Start checking tag sales and thrift stores for cool old watering cans; these are the perfect complement to a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Line the bottom of the can with plastic for some reinforcement to prevent leakage. Add a few stones or marbles to help weight it down; next arrange your flowers, greens, and even fresh cut herbs for a spring display that is a perfect touch of spring for your table.

Blooming bird's nest.

For a sweet and spring-inspired arrangement, pick up a bag or two of dried moss from a crafting store. Form the moss to look like a bird nest and place it on a tray or large plate to keep it intact. Accent with a few tree branches or twigs to replicate how a nest appears in nature.

Try these tips to bring your nest to life and bring spring to your home:

  • Use clear glass glasses or vases to hold your flowers and position around your bird's nest.
  • Use dyed Easter eggs or plastic crafting eggs to place in the nest to echo the birds' eggs.
  • Use crafting wire to secure greens, floral stems or other trinkets on your nest for added visual interest.

Creative cupcake-inspired display.

Another great idea utilizes a cupcake display holder, which you might have in your kitchen cabinet right now. Use each pedestal intended for the cupcakes to hold a single-cup or bud-vase to hold a tiny arrangement or single-stem flower. These also make excellent centerpieces that you can use to give each guest a parting floral gift after a party.

Enjoy your fresh floral arrangement longer with these tips:

  • Talk to your florist about the best blooms to buy and that will thrive the longest once cut.
  • Trim the stems routinely to ensure that the flowers are able to get the water they need, which will help them last longer.
  • Fresh blooms are susceptible to drops in temperature so be sure not to place your arrangement in any spot that is too warm or drafty. 

For more information, contact Bouquet Flower Shop or a similar location.


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