3 Cheap Gifts That Make Great Party Favors

Posted on: 20 September 2016

When you throw a party of any kind, it is customary that you give out party favors to your guests at the end of the party. This is a fun little gift for them to say thank you for attending your party. While this doesn't have to be anything expensive, it will likely contain small gifts that they will enjoy.A great thing to do is purchase a few cheap gifts to put inside the party favor.

Mini Bubble Containers

A great cheap gift to purchase for a party favor is a mini bubble container. You can buy these bubbles in bulk, allowing you to get them for a very discounted price. They are great for kid's birthday parties, weddings, etc., because kids absolutely love blowing bubbles and the wedding guests can blow bubbles at the newly married couple as they make their way to their car to leave on their honeymoon. They mini bubble containers can be purchased so that the container matches the color for the event, making it easy for you to personalize them to your party. The bubble containers are also sealed off so leaking isn't going to be an issue when you put them inside the bag containing all of the party favors. 


Another fun party favor that you can throw into the bag is going to be a wristband. Wristbands are great because they can be personalized to say anything that you want them to. You can also choose the color of the bands, as well as the color of the font and the style of the font for the text that is going to be written on them. For example, if you are giving out the party favors as party of a wedding, then you can have the name of the couple on the wristband, as well as the date. This makes the wristband a fun token to remember a great wedding and a great reception. 

Nail Polish

If you are creating party favors for a bachelorette party, a girl's birthday party, a bridal shower, or some other event involving women, then it is hard to go wrong with nail polish. You can either purchase the mini containers of nail polish or the regular size containers, depending on your budget. If you want to go above and beyond, you can even create little personalized labels for the nail polish that say something fun and personalized to the party. Your guests will likely love getting the nail polish as a party favor and it will be something that they can use over and over again. 


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