New Home Owners: Christmas Ornament Options For Your First Tree

Posted on: 5 October 2016

Purchasing a new home can come with many new traditions. One of these traditions comes during the holiday season when a Christmas tree is set up for the first time. As you plan the tree and all of the decorations, you can purchase your own type of house-warming gift by choosing a unique Christmas ornament. Holiday ornaments come in many different styles and there are dozens to choose from. The ornament that you select to celebrate your new home can present the times or help start a whole new ornament tradition for you and your loved ones. Browse through the following unique ornament ideas to help you brainstorm and pick an option for your first tree in the new home.

House Shaped Ornaments

There are dozens of unique ornament designs available that will feature the shape and design of a home. This is a great literal way to present your new home purchase and all of the memories that will come with it. For example, you can purchase an ornament that features a house made in the design of a gingerbread home. Other ornaments may include designs that have Christmas lights or holiday decorations placed around it. You can try to find an ornament that closely resembles the shape of your home.

Geography Ornaments

If you've moved to a new town or state, then you can easily represent your new geographical location with an ornament that represents the region. For example, if you moved to Connecticut, the state bird is the American robin. You could purchase a robin ornament to represent the new location. There are also a number of ornaments available in the shape of the state that you live in. This is a great representation of your new home and the area that you live in.

Photo Frame Ornaments

Capture the first moments in your new home by purchasing a photo frame ornament. These ornaments feature a framed area where you can place a picture of you and your family posing in front of the new house. The photo frame ornament can also feature the year written on it so that you can always look back and remember when the image was taken and how far you've come since purchasing the new house. The frame opening can be purchased in a number of different shapes including rectangles and ovals. Choose an opening that can easily fit a picture of your new home.

Browse through online ornaments for sale to see all of the different options and select one that truly represents your new home experience.


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