Check These Things to Confirm the Collectible Figurines You Buy Are Authentic

Posted on: 26 October 2016

When you enjoy finding collectible figurines for sale, it's ideal to browse the Internet to find the exact products you need for your collection. When you buy directly from the manufacturer and from reputable online businesses, you can trust that the products you're getting are authentic. However, if you decide to buy from online stores you don't recognize or browse the secondary market—listings on auction websites for example—you want to be sure that you know exactly what you're getting. Unfortunately, there are companies that will produce knock-off versions of popular collectible figurines and attempt to pass them off as legitimate. Here are some things that will help you confirm if what you're buying is authentic.

The Price

Generally, you'll have a rough idea of what a specific collectible figurine sells for. While this number can change a bit due to various sales and promotions, it's advantageous to be wary about prices that seem too good to be true. For example, if a specific figurine sells for between $90 and $100 at most major retailers, and you find what is marketed as the same product for $30, there's a strong likelihood that it isn't authentic.

Fine Details

Although counterfeiters can often produce authentic-looking products, a close inspection of the details—especially when you compare an image of one product against images on the manufacturer's website—can reveal shoddy work. This can come in many forms; for example, the sharp details on a figurine's face might not be as carefully painted in a knock-off product. Or, the colors might be slightly off. Checking the online photos carefully, and asking the seller to provide additional photos, can give you a good idea if the product is authentic or not. If a seller has low-quality images taken from afar, it's a warning sign—the seller may be trying to prevent you from seeing the issues with the piece.

Package Lettering

Another useful way to check whether a collectible figurine is authentic or not is to carefully browse the images of the package and look for typographical errors. Although you might think that counterfeiters could closely mimic the appearance of an authentic package, the packages on knock-off products will often have spelling errors. Or, you might see wording that is written in a font that doesn't quite look the same as the font used on the authentic product's packaging. If you notice any of these indicators, it's a good idea to avoid buying from the seller.


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