3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Jewelry

Posted on: 14 December 2016

If you were gifted some nice jewelry this holiday season, make sure that you take good care of it so that it lasts a long time. Here are three ways to take better care of your new jewelry so that it doesn't need to be repaired.

#1 Lightly Clean Your Jewelry After Each Use

After each time that you wear your jewelry, you should clean it off before you put it away. As you wear your jewelry throughout the day, it will come in contact with the sweat from your body and be exposed to dirt and dust in the air. To clean your jewelry, just use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe it down and remove any dirt that may have gotten on it while you were wearing it. For your earrings, you may want to clean the end that goes into your ears with some hydrogen peroxide to remove any residue from your ears.

#2 Use A Sturdy Jewelry Box

Second, you need to use a sturdy jewelry box to keep your jewelry inside. You want the inside of the jewelry box to have a soft lining. A soft lining inside of the jewelry box will help protect your jewelry and will help prevent it from losing it luster.

Your jewelry box that you purchase should have multiple storage containers. It should have a hook so that you can hang up your necklaces and bracelets. It should have ring holders for your rings, and slots for you to put your earrings in.

Finally, make sure that the outside of the jewelry box is sturdy. You want a jewelry box that is made out of sturdy wood. This will protect your jewelry against getting damaged and will help maintain your jewelry.

#3 Store Jewelry Separately

Make sure that you store your jewelry in the appropriate part of your jewelry box. You don't want to store all of your jewelry together. For example, you don't want to lay your bracelet, necklace and earnings all together. They could get tangled up this way. The metal and stones could also get tarnished and chipped as well if you store your jewelry all together.

Now that you have some nice jewelry, make sure that clean it off after you wear it and before you put it back in your jewelry box. Store all of your jewelry inside of your jewelry box and make sure that you put it in the appropriate place within your jewelry box. This will protect the integrity of your jewelry. If you discover that any of your jewelry has been damaged, be sure to ask your jeweler about their jewelry repair services.


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