Turquoise Properties And Pendant Styles

Posted on: 23 August 2022

Turquoise is a mineral that contains copper and aluminum. Some turquoise products may contain traces of other elements. The clarity of a product and the scarcity of a particular turquoise matrix could influence the cost of a pendant necklace.

Mining And Grading Variables

Turquoise is naturally found underground. A mining process is used to collect turquoise. Turquoise will go through a refining process. This process will smooth rough edges and separate turquoise from other materials that it was originally attached to. The turquoise matrix relates to the composition of the gemstone, the clarity of the stone, and the design pattern that is present.

A pure blue or greenish stone may be more sought after than one that contains striations and flecks that contain various minerals. Some markings may be more popular than others. The rarity of a pattern and the consistency of the design may impact the value. Natural stones that are mixed with a turquoise piece may bring more value than an artificially-engineered stone product that is combined with turquoise. 

Jewelry Pieces

Turquoise gemstones are used to create many handcrafted jewelry pieces. Turquoise pendants may contain a large symmetrical or asymmetrical gem piece that is bordered by a metal framework. A turquoise stone will be highly polished during the jewelry-making process. Many pendant styles include smooth stones that have glass-like surfaces.

A pendant that is of value may be anchored inside of a precious metal framework. The framework will complement the deep color of a gemstone. It will also protect the edges of a stone. A more rugged jewelry style may focus on the natural characteristics of a gemstone. A turquoise stone that contains bumps and slightly jagged edges may be attached to a cap piece. This piece will be anchored to the top of a stone.

It will contain a small hole that will allow an end user to slide the pendant onto a chain that will be worn around the neck. A jeweler can show a shopper a series of stones that vary in value. If a customer owns an 18-inch chain that they prefer to wear, they can select a pendant that will fit on it. A jeweler may feature boxed sets that each contains a pendant and a chain. A jeweler will describe the turquoise content and the unique characteristics of various stones that are for sale.

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