Winterizing Your Outdoor Water Fountains

Posted on: 25 November 2014

Outdoor water fountains can add an interesting, relaxing and beautiful architectural element to your landscape. If you live in a climate in which the winters reach freezing temperatures, you must take the time to winterize your fountain. Here, you will learn how to properly winterize your fountain to keep it in good condition over the winter so you have it to enjoy again next year. Take Out the Parts There are a few parts in your water fountain that should be removed to prevent ice from damaging them.
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2 Important Steps To Take Before Buying A Guitar From A Pawn Shop

Posted on: 12 November 2014

Pawn shops are great places to shop if you like finding good deals, but are pawn shops the right places to go if you want to buy a guitar? The answer is yes–if you know a lot about guitars, or if you simply want a beginner guitar to try out. If you decide to shop for a guitar at a pawn shop, here are two things you should do before you pull your cash out to pay for it.
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2 Fun Gifts To Give To Your Writer Friend For Their Birthday

Posted on: 11 November 2014

Do you have a friend who loves to write and has a birthday approaching? If you're not sure what kind of gift you'd like to give to your friend, the suggestions below are both creative and writer-friendly. If you know that your friend spends a lot of time with a notepad and pen, these gifts will not only come from the heart, but will also be useful. Make a Unique Homemade Journal
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Tips For Telling If Your Designer Watch Is The Real Thing

Posted on: 10 November 2014

The money you might spend on a true designer watch can be a lot, but think of how you might feel if you spend that much on a fake. Counterfeit watches make up a huge black market, many of them being manufactured and assembled in Asia. If you are considering the purchase of a designer watch, learning more about how to know for sure the one you choose is not a fake is important.
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