Motivate Your Recruits Using These Military Award Types

Posted on: 19 April 2016

The military boot camp process is a big challenge for most recruits as they are faced with lack of sleep, little free time, and intense physical training from day one. While it's true that boot camp provides benefits such as improved mental and physical discipline, some recruits may need a little extra recognition as they progress in order to stay motivated. An effective way to motivate your recruits as they progress through the boot camp program is to present them with military awards at a couple of points throughout their training.
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Don't Wait For A Special Occasion To Bring A Floral Arrangement To Your Table

Posted on: 18 April 2016

There's no need to wait until Easter or Mother's Day to bring home some fresh flowers for your table. In fact, there are some simple and clever ideas for floral arrangements that will bring a special spring touch to your table, desk, or even patio, and that will seamlessly see you through any holiday entertaining or springtime parties. Some spring floral displays that you can create yourself are: Wonderful watering cans.
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4 Things To Do With Your Graduation Stole After The Ceremony

Posted on: 13 April 2016

Like tassels and honors cords, graduation stoles are mementos of your academic achievement and your graduation day. They represent not only your hard work, but also the grand finale of four (or more) years of memories. Once graduation day is over, you'll probably want to display it proudly or at least store it properly so it doesn't get dirty, ripped or wrinkled. Here are four ways to store it neatly, display it or keep it in great shape for years.
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Honor Your Black Friday Shopping Traditions: Three Ways You And Your Shopping Buddies Can Flaunt Your Annual Passion

Posted on: 11 April 2016

Black Friday is not just about finding those incredible deals on Christmas gifts. In fact, many groups, both men and women, have started time-honored traditions of coming together and celebrating their friendships and close-knit family relationships by formulating group efforts to secure the much-desired gifts of Black Friday. These groups also don something that will help them recognize other "team members" in their groups so that they do not lose each other in the midst of the rushing crowds.
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